Sunday, August 1, 2010


Nadia's Bucket List post has me thinking about all the things I want to squeeze into this lifetime of mine, so while I listen for the little one I might as well jot down some ideas.

Make it all up to my husband.
Play for a soccer team, just one more time.
Coach a soccer team.
Take a drama class, or at least a workshop.
Visit Vienna and write where the composers may have written.
Publish a poem.
Bring my family to see China in a way that is comfortable for them.
Go to a nude beach (ok, this isn't THAT important to me, but I feel I will have overcome something in accomplishing this).
Return to my parents the generosity they have shown to me.
Get much closer to my brother.
Teach my son what it means to be a good person and a honorable man.
Have a daughter!

I have to stop here and marvel at what I've learned about my dreams in writing this list. I guess I always did want to have a boy and a girl. There is something very balanced about that. A perfect example, though, of how some things cannot simply be willed to happen. We shall see what the future holds. Thanks Nadia, for encouraging me to think about this!


nadia said...

your list made doors open both in my heart and mind. i have not begun to write mine except for one thing on it and non of it is as generous and beautiful as your list.

kendalee said...

What a lovely liferich list Sheila. The entry about your brother made me cry for obvious reasons and I hope you achieve everything, including nude beach visit :) Taking stock every now and again is such a worthwhile and important thing to do isn't it?

in another lifetime said...

Welcome back to blogland Kenda! I do have such a strong urge to be very close to my brother again, like we were in youth, and what has happened in your life as only made that urge stronger. In that way your brother's life has touched mine, among the countless others he has undoubtedly touched. And yes, if the nude beach happens you all will be the first to know!:)

KateBannet said...

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