Saturday, July 17, 2010

blowing kisses...

to you, friends, from a household that is quiet and hectic at once. I do miss you. I see pretty things that only you would appreciate and wish I had my camera, or pad and pencil. I miss composing things for you. Even more I miss stopping by to see what you are thinking about.

We are well. He now smiles and coos. Yesterday he made a special connection when my husband and I stood before him and each grabbed a little hand. "Hey, you guys know each other?!" I guess that gives you some indication of the fact that my husband and I take different "Rowen shifts", and that it is too infrequent that the three of us share these sorts of moments. This will improve as we continue to catch up on sleep.

Today we went to a local seafood festival and took our food down to the little beach. Rowen gazed at the waves, and then up at the soft, furry arms of the Weeping Willow. He was in awe. Each day he is more and more aware. I find myself imagining all the things we will bring him to see: the giraffe at the zoo, the gigantic Buddah at the museum, the horses at the farm, and those at the carousel too. Then I remember not to rush a single moment.

When I nurse him his eyes study the mirror on the wall, and he makes happy noises.

Precious moments.


Maria said...

Miss you too but those moments are way more special and the time will go by all too fast. Take your time and savor each one. As always love how you've expressed your feelings and he is so so adorable!

kendalee said...

I also miss you and your musings but it's so lovely to think of you enjoying those precious, all-too-fleeting moments and I'm glad you are soaking them all in. There will be plenty of time for sharing and reflecting on them... and even a teeny glimpse is enough to make me smile - thank you. He is so beautiful.

cindy said...

it is lovely to think of you enraptured in these lovely moments and thank you for poking your head up now and then to include us, too.

LifeIsArt said...

there is nothing like a little tiny one to keep you right here in the moment. especially when you are nursing a little newbie!
nothing like it. he's beautiful!

lakeviewer said...

Oh my! What a joy you are beholding!

The Girl from Cherry Blossom Street said...

How amazing to be a part of that miracle.
He is too adorable!
Hope all's well!.

Much love!