Saturday, March 20, 2010

on a warm evening

Roxie and I took a walk down to the water last night. She stood at the edge of the rocks, sniffing and wagging her hello to the swans. They hissed and moved in on her in response. Roxie thinks she's pretty tough, so she didn't back away until I pulled her with my free hand. With my other, I took the serene looking picture. Funny how photos tell fibs sometimes.

I also finally learned that I can convert a photo to sepia or black and white right on my camera. Had some fun with that. I really ought to read the manual. There is a lot I am missing out on!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. We have all the windows open and Spring smells sweet. Thinking of Tolstoy and The Girl From Cherry Blossom street today (separately).


Maria said...

The sepia's are cool, I have that feature too and never used it. Didn't notice it until I had the camera a couple of years, yeah I haven't read the manual either. Wonder what other delights I'm missing.
How's the little man growing, time is getting closer to meeting him now that spring has arrived? I bet you are just beautiful and glowing these days.

cindy said...

the sepia tones are lovely and yes, the beauty of swans can be deceiving. spring has been sorely missed and is my favorite time of year. i especially love to see the new growth spurting thru. happy sunday and enjoy your week!

nadia said...

i love these. a walk sounds beautiful dear sheila. the air has been so wonderful.

The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

Thank you. How thoughtful and sweet of you.
I love swans. They are one of my favorites.