Sunday, March 21, 2010

a hungry tummy

2 slices of Portuguese sweetbread
5 strawberries
1 black cherry yogurt
7 pieces of pineapple
1 chocolate fudge bar
1 ham and cheese baguette
1 Russian tea cake
3 hunks of Dubliner cheese
1 chocolate pudding cup
1 bowl of shredded wheat cereal with strawberries
4 peanut butter crackers
1 big bowl of soup
handful of dried papaya
and lots and lots of water!

A day in the life and stomach of a preggers.


Maria said...

This is cute and that soup looks so yummy!!
Very interested about the midwife and I know it's going to be a great experience. Can't wait to here more.
The drinks are all the same recipe basically and you can get that at Savor the Day. Those are just a bunch of different possible names that we got silly with. It all basically tasted like really good lemon-aide.
Thanks for your condolences, I remember when you lost one of your pups - sad day but now I'm beginning to see all the blessings of the time together and less sadness at the loss.
BTW any belly shots coming here - pregnancy is sooo beautiful.

nadia said...

but what a lovely list it is!

Hila said...

mmm, sounds wonderful!!

The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

I find this adorable!
It's funny because I probably would devour or nibble on all of the above.
The difference is you're preggy and I'm not *giggle*