Sunday, August 2, 2009

going back to my roots: not a girly girl!

I'm sitting here with a box of "Spicy Salsa" Garnier Nutrisse hair color next to me, the reason being that I am done with paying $150 to the hair salon every few months. Worse than the money spent was the time wasted! I would go in at 10am and leave at 1:30! That is ridiculous!! I am lucky to be able to say that I don't see any grays yet, and was simply coloring my hair because I was on this mission to find the perfect color. In the words of my nieces, my former hairstylist, and just about anyone on tv nowadays, "WhatEVER".

I'm coloring my hair tonight just to make it one shade again. Spicy Salsa seems to be pretty close to my original color, if I remember correctly. I'll need your positive thoughts, however, because I have had a few hair coloring disasters in my time. I have been a ridiculous "frosty white blond" and I have sported ridiculous goth black hair (I have freckles on my nose, blue eyes, was blond as a kid, and was Annie in the school musical, to give you a sense of how wrong that looked). Those weren't even my mistakes, actually. The salon can take credit for those stunning works of art. The truth is that I don't care very much about my hair, and so with each hair disaster I just kind of accepted it and forgot about it. Still, I need your good luck wishes. I feel like being a pretty inept cook somehow translates to being bad at coloring one's hair. Could it be?

I know, Roxie looks worried.

The point is, however, that I just want to look normal and the days of paying through the nose for crunchy dried out hair are over, I tell you, over! Off I go...


♥ Boomer ♥ said...

You know, now, that you will have to post a picture. It's funny because I've been coloring mine, but decided to schedule an appointment for a professional job for the first time in AGES...just to pamper myself a little. Perhaps I should go get a massage instead?

Maria said...

wishing you well on this journey.
really curious to see what spicy salsa looks like, sounds fun

cindy said...

i hope that worked out ok. i'd like to see, too. and, who comes up with these names ;)?

i'm getting gray hairs highlighted throughout my dark brown locks and it's fine with me.

kendalee said...

So, how did it work out? Spicy Salsa sounds like a fabulous and very appropriate colour for you!

My first and last experience with hair colour (about 20 years ago now) was to have some coppery highlights put into my already coppery hair at a salon... Nothing too dramatic. Except that they turned a kind of bluey grey colour instead - not a great combo! And it put me off the whole idea of hair colour ever since. My sister reckons it's about time, and would do me some good, to fade in some of the greys that are now appearing, so I have a box of Butterscotch waiting to go... Haven't gotten 'round to doing it yet though. Perhaps, inspired by you, and if Roxie now looks less concerned, I'll try it this weekend :)