Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We could live nearly
point a to b linearly
missing pre-a post post-b,
beyond walls made of sea.

Shapes of foreign eyes
remain s, l and y
if we never
gaze in wonder


baby rainbow wrapped mother
clouds and castles in each other
of the non-blood brother.


And in each new land
kneel and gather in your hand
a piece of what They wove
'til you are cloaked in Globe.


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Ah yes, wander with open eyes and arms and warmth. Embrace, understand, empathize. Oh, if everyone would do the same we would be one globe. Beautiful, though-provoking and so wise!

sarah haliwell said...

I love this alot.

nadia said...

fantasic ia m reall y at aw when i read your work- floored!

kendalee said...

I hope you won't think it presumptuous if I say that it's like seeing my own thoughts and feelings expressed... Only in your beautiful, lyrical words they become so much more. Thank you for giving this voice Sheila.

in another lifetime said...

thank you everyone!!!

deb said...

I've missed coming here... this was beautiful.