Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eden Manor

Yesterday at the end of an extraordinarily long and eventful day, my husband and I threw our overnight bags and our pug into the car and drove to Eden Manor. Checked in at 8:30pm and then drove like mad to the nearest restaurant which was a pizza joint serving enormous pies just dripping with mozzarella. All I had eaten up until that point was a handful of pistachio nuts. I know, so bad! Work was crazy and I was trying to tie up every single loose end because I will be on vacation for a week.

Anyhow, by the time I sank my teeth into my second slice the "I just remembered I am ON VACATION" feeling came over me. We ate too much then headed back to the Manor, spent some time with the family who are friends of ours. Roxie was too excited to sleep, so she kept me up snorting and hyperventilating all night. The next day I got up and spent some time getting to know Emma, who starts Kindergarten in two weeks. She showed me her scissors, crayons, lunch box , pencil box and other items that will ensure she is fully prepared for school.

We left kind of early in order to come home and pack for our trip to PERU!! We leave tomorrow morning. I'm going to miss you guys. I will do my best to document everything good and everything interesting. Talk to you in a week!



♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Have a wonderful time. We just returned from Galveston, and it was so wonderful to renew ourselves.

Maria said...

Have lots of fun, relax, renew your spirit & bask in each moment.

kendalee said...

Wow, Eden Manor feels like a walk back through time - gorgeous!

Hope you have a wonderful, adventure- filled (of the good kind!) time in Peru and cannot wait to hear all about it when you get back!!!

cindy said...

have fun & safe travels!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Beautiful, ethereal views of the Manor - what a lovely place to start your week of vacation!

Hope Peru is absolutely wonderful!

sarah haliwell said...

What beautiful photographs!