Thursday, May 21, 2009

You don't hear this anymore.
My words fall
upon the keyboard
then the floor.
Saturated down
beached and drowned
like worms
strewn around
in the still
of days
upon days
of rain.
I am ill.
Do my


in another lifetime said...

I tried to arrange the words with more space between them to illustrate what I mean, but blogger wouldn't allow them to remain. Has anyone figured out a way to play with the spacing on here?

Claire said...

i too struggle with the spacing. so if you find a solution please do share it. i have been near to punching my screen at times because my poetry is less than what it should be on the blog most days because of this exact problem...

as for the poem:

i had to read it twice. a very vivid image comes to my mind. i see a woman playing the piano on a beach in a storm. she sings beautifully but her words are drowned by the waves and the wind.

Caroline said...

That was beautiful!