Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Things

Did you know that

Nadia, from La Porte Rouge has ridiculous fashion and shopping skills in addition to all of her other talents? In the span of 2 hours and less than $200 she made my closet something fun to hang out in. That's just what I've been doing too: sliding the hangers back and forth and running my fingers over my new clothes, which remind me of my new friend, who I can spend hours with and feel like only a handful of minutes have passed.

I came home from work and made my husband nutella and banana sandwiches for a snack and he completely flipped out in ectasy over it? How fun!

I was scared to go to work today because of 3 unresolved situations but I solved 2.5 of them this afternoon and never should have doubted myself in the first place? Rock on.

I started a new blog where I can try out some fictional short stories and that is entirely due to your invaluable encouragement and support? Check out my first story at by the light of the lantern !

I don't feel like anything is going to be easy but I have this unwavering belief that everything will be ok after all? Wishing you all love, hope, strength, and grace, and sending positivity and goodwill your way. Here it comes.....catch!



onesilentwinter said...

and how beautiful you looked in all of them!

nutella and chocolate is my favorite did you know that?

Maria said...

I have no doubt you can handle anything, what a wonderful post and I did catch it ... now have a big smile on my face.

What is nutella, I'm wanting to try it? (especially after the description involving ecstasy :) )

Maria said...

forgot to say how excited I am to hear about the new blog, I'm heading over now!

Claire said...

the more i learn about you the more i want to know. you are becoming more and more likable and this post just proves that.

nadia seems to have an extra special touch. didn't know that she stayed so close to you?!

it never cease to amaze me just how easily pleased men are with the little things in life : )

as for the new blog, i cannot wait!

kendalee said...

Thank you and love, hope, strength and grace right back at you!!!

Nadia has such obviously great style and flair and what fun to have that magic turned on your wardrobe. My sister does that for me. It's a gift. Enjoy your lovely new goodies!

So excited about your new blog Sheila. You are such a talented writer and I'm thrilled that you're going to explore this more. Will definitely pop over for a peek...

The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

Friendship is very important: between husband and wife, mother and daughter, two women (or men), father and son.
It is one thing that endures, like hope.
Much love,

You went shopping! Yay! Show me, show me! :-)

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Love your new blog and first stories!

Congrats on getting 2.5 situations resolved!