Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's like stacking a bunch of ones
placing a hundred on top,
They don't even look,
certain They got the
best of the exchange,
or happier to be
than to know
the worth
of me.

How about you?
You hustle too?


nadia said...

perhaps it is like choosing abook for it's cover....and not it's content..they will never know the layers and richness of the whole story!

Maria said...

You teach me so much, you always say so much with a few words, a real challenge for me.
(met a new blogger today you might like - Silence Escapes Me, I recommended your site to him)
by the way Sheila, your value is great!

Claire said...

i stand amazed at your ability to say it like it is, so succint, so layered, so meaningful.