Saturday, February 7, 2009

To See

"I'm trying to play the trumpet" he calls out to me from sleep, and I marvel at a dream world made of such simple pleasures. I read from The Bell Jar until his voice makes the funny stretching noise, and I smile and ask "How was the concert?" He chuckles. "Oh, you know about that?"

He quiets. "I remembered my tux but I forgot my dress shirt." I'm sad now, I know this dream but with lost lines, a misplaced class schedule.

"Then I got into a red truck."

The red truck we passed on the highway, I had stared hard into it seeking horror, like a rubbernecker straining to tell in split seconds if blood was shed in a roadside wreck.

I can't believe he noticed.

I wonder how much more I've missed.


Claire said...

I understand but I also don't.

Maria said...

Like a whole world happening in a single moment, beautiful
Couldn't love the picture more, looking into the depths of a horses eye is like a mirror into your own soul, amazed at how you captured that on film

kendalee said...

A fragment and a world in one. You have an incredible ability to capture that with your words. It's wonderful.