Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Settling In

I'm still trying to own my home and not just in terms of the mortgage. For the past few years I've felt more like a temporary guest, as one would on a long term housesitting assignment or while occupying a summer rental. Tonight, though, I sat down at the back entrance to remove my slushy boots, and saw everything from a different angle. It may have been that I've never sat on that particular chair before, or that my very first Christmas tree was glimmering in the corner of my eye, but tonight in that moment this house was mine. So I caught a glimpse of the many, many years ahead and all of the people and experiences that would break it in good, the intangible leaving its mark on matter, as it never fails to do. The walls and floors have loosened just a bit, a sign that we've won this little stand off. No sir, we are not going anywhere.

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