Saturday, December 27, 2008

Landsmen apart

How easily one of these horses could jump the fence. Gates, walls, rings, and other matter constructed and carefully placed to mark that which is ours can be so simply rendered ineffective. The funny thing though, is that the motives behind the creation of these barriers, while transluscent and moving, are the true dividers. You can cleanly clear the hurdle and then smack dead into them.


joshua said...
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Maria said...

Interesting we trade these two particular post, I often look across my pastures & know that the physical fences we have constructed would not contain the horses if they truly chose to leave, they are confined by the unseen barriers they have erected in their minds, the comfort & security they find in the familiar.
A friend & I also were discussing just this afternoon that similiar concept of the walls we erect & that we too can walk right through them if we choose.