Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The sky started grumbling and before long rain was beating down on the house again this evening. Record breaking rain for July, I wonder if it will be so for August. Something important is happening. The sky looks frightened, or maybe I just look to it with frightened eyes.

I love the rain though. I can feel my toes in warm, slippery mud though they lie clean on crisp white linen. My scattered and pattering thoughts come to an abrupt stop and stand still, listening to drippy taps and water whispers.

Girls everywhere flip window locks with their thumbs then push in and up to raise their stubborn windows. Carefully perched, they listen to the tenor voice of the earth. The rain keeps us indoors and alone, but in doing so reminds us that we are all housed up in this same way at the same time. Alone, like everyone else. There is peace in this notion.


♥ Boomer ♥ said...

What a lovely, lovely post. Of course, I must admit that it fills me with jealousy (sniff). We need rain so badly here. But, I am happy for you, that you heard the voice of God, the rumble of His nature, the smell of freshness subduing the burned land ... and that you enjoyed the solitude and the peaceful thoughts that were birthed.

kendalee said...

I love summer rains! And this describes that experience of it so beautifully.

Maria said...

still amazed at your decriptive abilities of everyday moments, you truly make me think more, feel more, notice more. this is simply beautiful

Claire said...

somehow i was there under those sheets but in a different bed.

the use of the word notion is perfect.