Tuesday, July 14, 2009


When we are this close
I look down and know
how it feels
for your shoes to be mine,
how the
little toe feels
bugging that tallest one,
getting under skin
like little ones do.
Know how that toe knuckle feels
hunched over and curmudgeon-like,
all cross and scoliotic.
It feels cute.
ah wait- that's my thought in me, isn't it?
YOU'RE cute.
kay- that was you as you about me.
We separated back out.
Not for long haha...
You are so bad.
YOU"RE bad, bad like really good.
that tickles
mmmmm stop


Claire said...

lighthearted. not your usual. i like... lots!

cindy : quaint said...

so cute! made me giggle.

joyce said...

I really like your header.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

How cozy and fun!