Monday, June 22, 2009

Unlocking Dreams

Kendalee has inspired me to write about a recurring dream. This one used to come to me between the ages of 8 and 12. I would be home alone, or outdoors and alone, and a wolf-man would come looking for me. It was always a game of sorts, kind of like hide and seek. Through the window I would watch him coming up the driveway, and I would have seconds to stow myself away somewhere clever. One of two things would happen when he found me, which he always did: I would wake up right away, or I would start floating just out of reach. Sometimes I would even fly.

Dream experts have likened flying to a symbol of freedom, immortality, or even sex, but for me it felt like an example of my ability to save myself from most dire circumstances. I felt, during these moments just above ground, that I could count on myself, that I could write my own story, and that no one could stop me. I was essentially controlling my dream and changing it from nightmare to euphoria.

This makes me love myself. I know, weird.

Thank you Kendalee for inspiring this back in time dream journey.


♥ bfs - Mimi ♥ said...

No, note weird! Awesome!

I once read that if you have recurring bad dreams, you should plan your escape and visualize before you go to sleep. You just escaped without thinking. Brilliant.

kendalee said...

Not at all weird!!! What an amazing dream Sheila! I'm glad my dream memory inspired you to remember yours, and thank you for sharing it.

I too have flying dreams where I am able to escape the things that scare me and it IS empowering. Sometimes I just seem to fly for the sheer pleasure of flying though - tumbling and twirling in the air in a way that's far more agile than I could ever be in reality. The closest I've come to experiencing this same weightless, graceful sensation in my waking life is when scuba diving... Strange that I feel most at home in my body when most out of the natural element for my body... ungrounded. I should dive more.

cindy : quaint said...

not weird at all. it seems to be how you're living your life.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

I had a recurring dream in those same years that was so similar to yours with the line between nightmare and euphoria when I flew away.

I haven't dreamed of flying for decades - so sad.

LifeIsArt said...

Dreams are so fascinating. I love to try and analyze mine. I love how you were always able to elude your predator. Sounds very positive to me. You had faith in yourself! Love it.