Sunday, June 28, 2009

I was always the type
to tip toe
into cold

I need to ease,
I would plead,
that is me.

So my Calves would shiver
and tell Knees
It's just river!

And my knees would gasp
and tell my thighs
to relax.

And so it goes.
Tiny body bites of cold.

Well, on this day, no.
I kick and run and jump and thrash and fly and crash into blue!
First one in, too.


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Whee! I hope you jumped in metaphorically also! (I'm the tip toe type too.)

cindy : quaint said...

sometimes, i jump in. sometimes, i tip toe. it's often a struggle. your poem hits a chord.

Maria said...

That is so fantastic, I'm a tip toe-er, my husband a diver, first one in as well. I so admire and envy that. I'm working on it & know the exhilaration I will feel the day I become the first one in. It does speak to how we live life and I want to be a diver.

onesilentwinter said...


♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Used to jump. Now, I just take baby step ... toes first! :-)

Say, I've been out of touch for several days. Trying to tweak my blog a little, remove some old stuff, start fresh. Even changed my name to ♥Boomer♥ from bfs-Mimi .. but I'm still the same person. :-)

Getting prepared to "go public" again after I take care of a few more things...but tonight I just had to catch up on a bit of reading and commenting. Enjoyed my visit here tonight.

Claire said...

soooooooo proud of you! having a real picture in my mind just makes it so much better.

kendalee said...

Brave and bold! Good on you Sheila. Being able to change habits of a lifetime is the hardest thing. I've always been a plunger... or if I really can't face the plunge, I just avoid the cold all together and watch from the sidelines.

Maria said...

I've been meaning to tell you I love the excerpt you have from The House of Seven Gables. I am hypnotized by old houses, I love to feel and visualize the lives that have passed through it, the children playing in the yard, mom calling them to dinner, the pies that have sat in the window sill. Buildings do absorb impressions and energy that you can truly feel, I love it, I get lost in it.

BTW, I still love this post and that you are living life with such exuberance and thankful for the motivation to that as well.

Oh, I finally got around to playing tag, it was quite fun & a little liberating