Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pug Bug

Rolly Poley, wobbly, grumbly, comical, merry, bulging, delightful, worried, big loving, snarfing*, voluptuous, expressive, waddling, "whole 'lotta woman" sturdy little linebackers, that's how I would describe them. I wonder how they would describe me! Do you ever wonder what your pets think about you?

(*Snarfing is a term my friend Rachel made up for when the pugs sniff you and then exhale loudly, and wetly, in your face. Sounds gross but it's so cute, really, it is!)


onesilentwinter said...

adorable- you must meet a pug at the dog park her sounds are hilarious! i am terrified of what my dogs think of me:)

Maria said...

oh I know what they think, I'm a human chuck wagon, what I hear from all of them as they gaze at me so intently is "feed me, feed me, feed me" :)

onesilentwinter said...

that is funny! maria

Anonymous said...

WOW...just found your it! The Alchemist is an amazing book...learned so much from that.

Look forward to more...Your photos are amazing!