Thursday, March 19, 2009

Melt Me

I couldn't emote in there, so he sent me on an inward scavenger hunt for feelings. He directed me to my shoulders and mouth, to my chest, to my sadness. Then we worked our way back out from the sound of the clock to the passing cars beyond the window. To feel, in this very moment. I played along, trying to keep my knee from shaking all the while. I have wasted his time and mine, I silently scolded myself. I am a poor student today. Yet when I opened that thick heavy door and stepped back into the world, I caught a waft of lilacs (do you know how pollen's perfume explodes at the turn of day?) and drove off into a sunset showcasing a ladder of clouds turned on its side. Feelings flickered.


onesilentwinter said...

the sky was so beautiful last night, it felt as if it was covering us with kindness and guided us so delicately,,

beautiful post sheila..

in another lifetime said...

Yes, it felt exactly like that Nadia! I knew you were gazing at it and recognizing it at the same time I was!!

Maria said...

pick this up from the comment I just made on today's post. This post, as with many before, just sucked me right in, I meant to write on this one, where's your novel?