Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th tripped my camera

(Above is a photo of an evil looking rabbit sculpture we came across at some botanical gardens in Nashville)

You camera fell off the tripod while I was taking pictures of beautiful daffodils last night!! It is still taking pictures, but the f-stop meeter doesn't seem to be working anymore. Does this seem like a fixable problem?

I know very little about my camera: it's very basic (a Pentax Z XM). I shoot with film, no flash, and have just one fancy lense. I really don't remember much from my basic photography course so I rely heavily on the light meter.

Should I just bring it in to the local RITZ store? Is it perhaps time for an upgrade anyhow?
(say no, I can't afford it, unless you know of a great deal somewhere out there!)

What kind of camera do you use?


Maria said...

that rabbit is scary, at least from that angle
I used to use a Minolta film camera many, many years ago & stepped away from photography for a while. I've entered the world of digital with just a Sony Cybershot, don't remember cost because my husband bought it.

Claire said...

i just recently upgraded and it was worth every cent that i spent. i use a sony alpha 300. maybe an upgrade is a good idea? ; )