Sunday, January 25, 2009

Touched by her Magic Wand

What you don't realize Nadia, while writing and illustrating these beautiful fairy tales for us, is that you are the main character. We have fallen in love with the person crouching behind the camera, the one whose fingers get in the way when she impatiently translates the themes of her mind into words.

Most of us have never heard your speaking voice but can imagine the way you exclaim when you stumble upon a perfect leaf in the snow. We can imagine what it's like to sit at your table just in time to see dusk settle in and bathe that absolutely perfect teapot in a sacred light. We understand that the gift of seeing overwhelming beauty in everyday life is coupled with the ability to see sadness and pain, and that this is why you understand us so very well.

You may spin stories and dreams with great ease, but you are simultaneously the beautiful hero of that great Russian novel, one you have read a million times and still don't know how it ends. We love you because you are both artist and muse, and we draw endless inspiration. It is for that reason that even though I am the ecstatic winner of the spoon bracelet contest (!!!), and could write paragraphs about the beauty of the item itself, I have decided to dedicate this posting to you.

If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting her blog yet, please do so at


Bonbon Oiseau said...

well said...nadia is so special!

Maria said...

These images are beautiful, what is it about white? The 1st one is mesmerizing, so much to be seen in a horses eye, love the way it's framed. Also your words are enchanting, what an incredible picture you have painted. What is Nadia's blog, I don't think I've seen it but now I must?

in another lifetime said...

I've added the website to the post now. If you like images, color, and enchanting words, just are in for a real treat at La Porte Rouge!!!

hattha8advertiser said...


nadia said...

THis is so lovely, tear came to my eyes. i have read it six times in one sitting...thank you so much. I was so excited when he said number three.. but it looks like i am the winner of the giveway, you words are like
secret happiness i can play over an over even on the darlest of days!!!

lovethe pictures, i so found of horses!!!!

corine said...

There is a different dimension to Nadia indeed. She keeps you guessing and at the same times can say things in such a universal way. Love her. And I'm also glad to discover you.

kendalee said...

I couldn't agree more! Nadia is a constant source of delight - so much beauty, a hint of melancholy and mystery... Very special. And this is a beautiful tribute to her.

So thrilled that you are the winner of the beautiful bracelet too - it's transformed nature seems so apt an expression for your current journey... Perfect outcome to a giveaway!